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Whenever people get together to accomplish something - whether we’re talking about planning your kid’s birthday party or getting the board of a a multi-million dollar non-profit together to develop their next strategic plan - everyone involved needs clear communication and correct information to achieve their goals.

Our mission here at Sledgehammer Infosystems is to provide organizations & groups of all sizes with the knowledge & tools they need to implement sane, scalable solutions to their communication & information management problems through consulting, training, and software tools.

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Information, Project, & Process Management Consulting

The modern world is run on (mostly) computerized information systems. Especially when your business or organization started from the ground up, these systems probably developed organically as your group developed and aren’t meeting your needs as you’ve grown larger. Or, maybe you’ve bought in to a tool that isn’t really a good fit for how you want things to work anymore, and you’re not sure what the best way to move forward is.

If the way you’re doing things isn’t effective any more - you’ve got too many orders to keep track of them all in your head, your volunteer list is getting too large to effectively manage through a spreadsheet, or you’ve got more projects going on than the wall of sticky notes can handle - we can help you examine your current systems & processes, evaluate different existing & custom-built tools that would meet your needs, help you decide a direction to move in, help migrate your existing data, and train your people on how to use your new processes and tools.

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Web Design

For many organizations, your website serves as your publicly-facing "single source of truth" - the one place people can always go to find the most up-to-date, accurate information about who you are and what you do. There are plenty of tools out there that provide an "easy" path to help you get a site live on the Internet, but they don’t necessarily provide an effective workflow for you as the content creators or give you the support and advice you need to create the best experience for your users.

Let us help you develop a new, modern site that is easy to maintain & update, simple to host, straightforward to migrate, and designed to keep you in line with best practices.

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Software Integration & Development

Software is how we make systems & processes function without having a person doing all of the work. However, organizations typically need more than one software package to meet all of their needs. The connections between those systems are critical - manually moving data around will work for a while, but it doesn’t scale. The time it takes & the opportunities for errors to creep in during that manual entry process should make automating those connections a priority.

We can help you tie your systems together with custom software solutions, or we can help you investigate options to simplify & consolidate your information.


Small Businesses

Your small business is unique - not necessarily something an off-the-shelf piece of software can handle. Let us help you assemble or create the systems and processes you need to keep your business running & growing.


Nonprofits & other community organizations rely on their engaged, informed groups of volunteers and staff to function. Let us help you build processes & systems to deliver clear information to the people that need it to fulfill your mission.

K12 & Higher Education

Schools are full of complex, interrelated information systems. Let us help design web sites, processes, & software integrations to keep your staff, faculty, students, parents, and community members on the same page.

Event Planning

Events are large, complex beasts that require high-quality systems to deliver timely information to participants, volunteers, and staff. Let us bring our experience managing - and creating tools to manage - events of all sizes and shapes to help make your event a success.

E-Commerce & Payments

Managing sales & payments, whether online or in person, can be a huge challenge if not done correctly. We’ve got years of experience with e-commerce development & integrating with multiple payment providers and can help you find the right tools to keep the cash flowing.

Operations Management

Purchasing, receiving, stocking, manufacturing, assembling, picking, packing, and shipping form the core of many businesses. Let us examine your current operations processes and find new systems and processes to keep things moving smoothly!

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