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Process & Information Automation Systems

In today's digitally driven landscape, the heartbeat of every successful business and organization is its information systems. As any organization grows & develops, communication processes and systems organically evolve alongside your group. However, as your team expands, services diversify, and challenges become more intricate, the methods that once served you well may no longer align with your current needs.

At Sledgehammer Infosystems, we specialize in fine-tuning and optimizing your information systems and processes. If your volunteer list has outgrown the capabilities of a spreadsheet, if valuable growth opportunities are slipping through the cracks due to data overload, or if your projects are multiplying faster than your wall of sticky notes can accommodate, it's time for a transformative change. Let us guide you toward a more effective and streamlined way of working - one that not only meets your current demands but propels you toward future success.

Organizational Agility

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and management, Agile practices have are often seen as the cornerstone of organizational success. At Sledgehammer Infosystems, we recognize that the key to harnessing the true power of Agile lies in understanding the unique dynamics of your group. It's not just about following the latest trend; it's about customizing your approach to reduce risk, simplify planning, and enhance the satisfaction of both your employees and customers.

In the realm of organizational agility, many fall into the trap of relying on generic processes, hoping for a one-size-fits-all solution. However, this approach often misses the essence of the Agile philosophy. We understand that your organization is unique, and to be truly effective, a formulaic, by-the-book aproach isn't going to cut it. Let us delve into how you operate & discover the nuances that can unlock your full potential. Our consultancy services are designed to guide you in making organizational changes that enable you to move faster, adapt seamlessly, and navigate change with precision. Transform your approach with Sledgehammer Infosystems and embrace the agility that propels your organization towards unparalleled success.

Vision / Mission & Strategic Planning Facilitation

Having a strong mission, vision, and strategic plan is crucial for businesses and non-profits. Your mission is like your organization's purpose—it guides everything you do. Your vision is about where you want to go, inspiring everyone involved. And your strategic plan is the roadmap that helps you get there, with clear steps and goals. These things aren't just fancy words—they're practical tools that keep you focused and moving forward.

We've helped facilitate conversations with all kinds of different groups, from college student organizations to sizable statewide non-profits, to help them identify or refine their mission, clarify their vision, and set up realistic, reasonable strategic goals to move their organizations forward. We're a fan of Simon Sinek's Find Your Why process for groups. Brad also offers Find Your Why-based workshops for individuals.

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